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August 1, 2018

Maxine Speaks Out: “Don’t Put Words in My Mouth!”

Wondering whether a Maxine cartoon is real or not? The crabby one herself responds:

“Listen up! I have something important to say. As you know I have a reputation for being crabby and telling it like it is. Unfortunately, some people take my cartoons, erase my words of wisdom and gems of knowledge, and replace them with something hateful, or containing foul language I would never use (except maybe when alone or with Floyd).

“These boneheads need to know that what they’re doing is illegal, and consequently, could be subject to severe legal penalties, not to mention my wrath. Personally, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

“I want everyone to enjoy my cartoons and share them with their friends. That’s why I go to all the trouble of creating them. But people need to know, if they’re putting words in my mouth, they better be on my payroll or they’re in deep do-do!”

Real Maxine cartoons can be found at and on the Maxine Facebook page.


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