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December 7, 2011

Battery Safety and Hallmark Products

Innovative features in a number of Hallmark products are powered by small button or coin-size batteries that add music, movement, recordability and other features that consumers appreciate.

However, we know that small unsecured batteries pose a swallowing hazard to inquisitive children, and that’s why we continually evaluate the safety of our products. We take the safety of all our consumers, especially children, very seriously, and support efforts to make parents aware of the dangers of children ingesting these batteries.

We take steps to secure button and coin cell batteries in all of our products, even beyond what is required by current safety standards. Each of our products with a small battery contains either a non-removable fastener or a screw enclosure. Batteries used in Hallmark products also comply with state and federal regulations for mercury or other regulated materials.

The following will help you identify how the battery is protected in our various products:

  • Our Cards with Sound enclose their coin and button cell batteries underneath circular metal caps that are securely attached to the circuit board. These batteries are not meant to be removed or replaced. In a limited number of our recordable Cards with Sound, we do permit the replacement of the batteries to retain the recorded memories, and use a plastic enclosure with a screw. We apply safety tests to ensure these batteries remain secure under forces that exceed what a child could apply, and to make our batteries even more difficult for adults to remove (even intentionally), we recently made additional changes to the battery housing. Due to the risks from ingestion of batteries that have been removed from products and not placed out of the reach of children we strongly encourage adults not try to remove these batteries.
  • Batteries in products that are intended to be used indefinitely — recordable books and cards, interactive storybooks and story buddies, video greetings, Keepsake “Magic” ornaments — periodically require batteries to be replaced. Batteries for these products are enclosed in modules where the cap is secured with screws that require the use of a tool. These should not be generally accessible to children, but can be removed by adults without destroying the product. After removing old batteries, please dispose of them in accordance with regulations in your area (requirements vary greatly) and make certain they are out of the reach of children.
  • Batteries in some older Keepsake ornaments (available before 2010) that feature light, sound or motion, may not be secured with screws. These ornaments were designed and intended as decorative items to be hung on a tree, and are not toys for children to play with. We recommend you review your ornaments and ensure that those older ornaments with batteries are displayed higher on the tree or in other locations out of children’s reach. If the ornament should fall, be sure to check to make sure the battery cover remains securely attached.

Always examine any household product that uses a battery to function, to ensure that the battery compartment is secure. Keep any loose coin batteries out of sight and out of reach of children. If you suspect that a child in your care has swallowed a battery, go to the emergency room immediately and call the National Battery Ingestion Hotline, 202-625-3333 for additional information.


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