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For retiree benefits information, please visit the Hallmark Retiree Benefits website administered by Mercer at  This site will include information on enrollment, medical/dental/vision plan summaries, life insurance, discounts and direct billing information.

If you have questions regarding your retiree benefits, please reach out to the Mercer Retiree Service Center at 877-228-9061 or


* As of January 1, 2022, the subsidy offered through Hallmark’s pre-65 retiree medical program will be discontinued.  Eligible employees will still have access to this coverage.

** As of January 1, 2022, Hallmark will discontinue offering Medicare secondary coverage and any subsidy.


Note: Hallmark will continue to evaluate medical and other benefits on a regular basis and will make changes in light of changing circumstances, such as increased costs and changes in national health care policy.  Hallmark reserves the right to amend, modify, of discontinue medical and other benefit plans.  If you drop medical, dental or vision or are cancelled due to lapse in payment, you will not be eligible to re-enroll.