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May 5, 2017

Women Become Their Moms… And They’re Mostly Happy About It

Hallmark study confirms long-held belief about motherhood, just in time for Mother’s Day; Each generation thinks the transformation happens at a different age

A recent Mother’s Day study by Hallmark Cards, Inc., shows that on average, 36 is the age when U.S. women believe they’ve turned into their mothers. This realization is typically triggered by saying something that her mother used to say when she was a child. And most often, that phrase is: “Because I said so.”

“When a woman has a child, she often feels closer to her own mother. She’s living through experiences that make her appreciate her mom even more,” says Nancy Cox, insights and analytics manager – Hallmark. “But it often takes a while longer for her to feel like she has turned into her mother. Moms told us they pause when it happens. And most moms said they feel amused, happy, surprised or proud when someone else points it out.”

Although 36 was the average age across all women for when they feel they become their mothers, each generation put that number closer to her own age:

  • Millennials (women ages 18 to 37) said it happens at 25.
  • GenX women (ages 38 to 51) said it happens at 35.
  • Women ages 52 to 70 said it happens at 43.

“Moms are influential forces in a child’s life, and whether it’s nature or nurture, as adults we see those ‘mom’ traits and tendencies showing up in our own personalities,” said Cox. “It’s surprising that they seem to be so universal.”

Top Five Sayings that Show You’ve Become Your Mom

  1. “Because I said so.”
  2. “I’m not going to ask you again.”
  3. “Because I’m the mom.”
  4. “You’re bored? Why don’t you (do chore that needs doing)?”
  5. “I’m not asking, I’m telling.”

Top Five Actions That Show You’ve Become Your Mom

  1. Saying to kids what your mom said to you
  2. Carrying on the same holiday traditions
  3. Crying when your kids make you happy or proud
  4. Doing the things that used to drive you crazy
  5. Calling your mother more often

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