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Caring for Ourselves

Take a moment for you with affirming words, inspiring videos and free downloads.


Digital Wallpapers

Take a moment for yourself with calming digital wallpapers.

Self-Care Quotes

Read and share thoughtful reminders to be gentle and nurturing to ourselves.

What is Self-Care?

Doing something for yourself is not the same as being selfish, experts say. Here’s why.


Protect Your Joy

Hallmark writer Cat shares ⁠ways to connect more with the people you can’t see every day by developing a letter writing habit. Spoiler alert: letters can be short and simple while still being meaningful and fun.

Make with Hallmark

For anyone who ever wanted to start a personal sketchbook, Hallmark artist Mirna shares how she uses hers to document, journal and process bits of her own life.⁠

Why I Create

Remember when you first realized how much you enjoy creating? Hallmark artist Matt does, and he shares who and what inspires him, and why creativity runs so deep in him.

Why I Create

Marjolein Bastin has partnered with Hallmark for more than 25 years with her watercolor paintings appearing on cards, ornaments, gifts and more. Learn more about her work, what painting means to her, and—of course—her deep, lasting relationship with nature.

Macrame Bracelets

If wearable art inspires you, watch Hallmark artist Keda demonstrate how to make macramé bracelets for yourself or anyone who would enjoy a touch of creative fashion.


Have You Asked You

Never forget the one person who is most important for you to love.