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Caring for our Future

Make a lasting impact with upcycled crafts and uplifting messages.


Upcycled Pillowcase Tote DIY

Learn how to create a handy tote from a cute spare pillowcase and a scarf.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes

Bring new purpose to greeting cards by folding them into eye-catching boxes.

Inspiring Mural

Share inspiring messages and art by turning a wall into a colorful mural.

Empathy Matters

Search your empathy to find your creative sparks during difficult times.

Messages to Yourself

Write messages of encouragement and happiness to send to your future self.



Melvina Young
A letter, note or card with a message of gratitude from you can make all the difference to anyone in your life. Hallmark writer Melvina shares good ways and right words for expressing yourself

Wishes for the World

Andy & Marn
Hallmark creatives Andy and Marn talked to more than 70 people during a months-long effort to collect their wishes for all of us. See how they created artwork to pass these wishes on to the world in poignant and memorable ways.

Recycled Centerpiece

Wanting a centerpiece for party decorations, hostess gifts, or just to brighten a place up? Erin shows how to turn recycled cans and household items into flower holders and planters for a stylish and expressive DIY project.


Future Like You

Remembering the past, empower the present, and build a future that’s better because of beautiful, dynamic, and diverse experiences of Blackness.