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Caring for our Community

Make your little corner of the world brighter with thoughtful words and acts of kindness.


10 Nice Things

If being nice to friends and neighbors isn’t reward enough, being nice is good for your health, too. (Studies prove it!) Here are 10 great ways to start.

Words of Civility

No one would argue against the need for putting more love into our world. Take a look at shareable messages of love, understanding and civility recently created by the Hallmark Writing Studio.

Random Acts of Kindness

Check out these sharable suggestions for random acts of kindness created from cut paper by Hallmark artist Amber.

Tough Times

Seeking new or different ways to show you care and stay connected given everything going on in the world? See what Hallmark creatives have to suggest.

Gratitude for Healthcare Professionals

Whatever their specific role, healthcare workers deserve genuine appreciation. Hallmark writer Keely asks these professionals what gestures have meant the most to them.


Sidewalk Chalk

Amber & Allie
Hallmark creatives join the many people expressing gratitude for those who go above and beyond in caring for others. Hallmark artists Amber and Allie show their appreciation by covering driveways and sidewalks with inspiring messages created with sidewalk chalk.

Crepe Paper Poppies

For decades, bright red paper poppies have symbolized support for military service members. Creating these colorful tributes is easier than you might imagine. Hallmark artists show you how.


Plant seeds of Kindness

There are plenty of great ideas out there, but none so great as kindness.