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Love, Hallmark

Do you love Hallmark? Want behind-the-scenes access and special offers? Sign up to join the “Love, Hallmark” blogger community below!

What is “Love, Hallmark”? What’s in it for me?

Hallmark’s all about connections, and we want to connect with bloggers like you! That’s why we’ve established the “Love, Hallmark” group on Facebook. There, you’ll have a one-on-one experience with Hallmark through exclusive content including special offers, access to and tips from Hallmark’s creative experts, a look behind-the-scenes at Hallmark HQ, sneak peeks at new products, and some sweet prizes and giveaways along the way – just for our members!


Who’s Eligible to Join?

Have a blog? Well, one big hurdle is out of the way. Read on for more requirements:

  • Are you and your blog located in the US or Canada?
  • Has your log been updated at least twice in the last month?
  • Does the tone of your blog alight with the Hallmark brand?
  • Do your unique visitors and combined social network presences reach 5,000 people or more?


How to Request Membership

It’s simple! Just fill out the information below and we’ll get back with you. And if you have a blogger friend who you think may like to join “Love, Hallmark”, feel free to send him or her a link to this page. (This is a closed group, so we’ll review all requests to join in advance.)