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Hallmark Greetings

  • According to the Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase 6.5 billion greeting cards each year.
  • Hallmark publishes cards in more than 30 languages and distributes them in more than 100 countries.
  • Hallmark Gold Crown stores offer the most extensive collection of greeting cards, including cards for holidays, occasions and just because.
  • Most Hallmark greeting cars are printed on paper from well-managed forests and several card lines use recycled paper.


Sometimes a card says exactly what you want to say… sometimes it serves as a starting point… and sometimes you just want to create your own. Hallmark can help.

Greeting cards help fulfill an enduring need people have to connect with others. People say there’s something special about finding “just the right card” – one they know will get a reaction from the person who receives it. They say giving cards is affirming. It feels good to send them, and it feels good to receive them.

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