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Inventors / Idea Submitters

How can I submit my photo, artwork, poetry or writing for use on a Hallmark card?
Hallmark does not accept or purchase unsolicited submissions of ideas, artwork, photography, or writing for our greeting card or Gift Books lines.


How can I submit my product idea or invention to Hallmark?
Hallmark does not accept or consider outside submissions of creative ideas, suggestions, or materials.


Will Hallmark review my script for a movie?
It is the Hallmark Channel’s policy not to accept or consider unsolicited ideas, proposals and/or other creative materials (e.g. scripts, treatments, stories, etc.).


Will Hallmark review my book or consider my writing for the Gift Books line?
Hallmark is unable to accept – or assume responsibility for – unsolicited manuscripts. For those seeking publication of their work, we suggest finding an agent to represent you in your search. Sources include, and The Writer’s Market book, available at local bookstores or libraries.

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