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Environmental Responsibility

Does Hallmark print cards on recycled paper?
Many Hallmark greeting cards available in North America are produced on paper with as much as 20% recycled fiber content. Labels on card backs indicate the type of paper used so consumers can make a choice. Learn more about Paper Sourcing at Hallmark.


How does Hallmark address battery safety and disposal?

Battery Safety

Hallmark takes the issue of battery safety seriously. We take steps to secure batteries in all of our products even beyond what is required by current safety standards. Each of our products with a small battery contains either a non-removable fastener or a screw enclosure. Read more on how to identify how batteries are protected in our various products.

Battery Disposal

  • Battery disposal requirements differ by location. For information on battery disposal in most areas, please contact your local or state environmental agency to determine where the product or circuit module containing batteries may be recycled. Internet searches also can help you locate facilities for recycling or disposal of batteries.
  • In California, all batteries are banned from landfill disposal. Take the product or circuit module containing batteries to a household hazardous waste facility, authorized battery recycler, or battery collection center for proper disposal.


What other steps does Hallmark take to preserve the environment?
Take a look at the Caring in Action Social Responsibility Report to learn more about Hallmark’s commitment to implementing sustainable business practices, reducing overall environmental impact, and developing sustainable products.

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