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What information does Hallmark provide for students?
The details contained within the Our Company, History and Corporate Citizenship sections of our website should be useful in preparing class projects. Below are links to specific pages with key company information: Beliefs & Values, Hallmark Facts, Hallmark Gold Crown® stores, and Brand Overview.


Does Hallmark have an annual report?
No. Hallmark is a privately held company and does not report financial details to the media or public.


How can I find out about Hallmark’s current business or marketing strategies?
Beyond what you can find within this website or in published sources, Hallmark’s strategies are considered proprietary and we do not share them externally.


Can I interview someone for my class project?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate specific student requests, but hope that information on this site is helpful.


Does Hallmark offer internships?
We offer paid internships for both creative and corporate positions during the summer months only. The number of Hallmark internship spots is limited and selection occurs in the fall for the next summer’s program. For more internship details, check out Internship Opportunities.

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