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Copyright / Clearance / Permission Requests

How do I request clearance or permission to use a Hallmark product or other representation of Hallmark as set dressing/prop in a movie or TV show?
Please submit your request via email to Hallmark’s media relations team and allow four weeks for consideration.


How do I request access to shoot photos or TV footage in a Hallmark store?
Most Hallmark Gold Crown® stores are independently owned and operated, so requests can be addressed to the local store owner/manager. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


How do I request permission to reference Hallmark or use Hallmark images in a textbook?
Thank you for asking, but unfortunately we no longer are able to review these requests.


Can I use Hallmark artwork or writing in my newsletter, wedding program, etc.?
Beyond working with the news media and textbooks, Hallmark does not grant permission to use any of our copyrighted images or writings. We are delighted that people enjoy our products and are flattered by requests to reproduce them, but it is important that we retain exclusive rights to the creations of Hallmark artists and writers.

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