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Hallmark’s sustainability efforts are far-reaching. In its most recent reporting, the company’s portfolio of businesses has cut waste by 72 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent and water use by 18 percent. Most notably, paper acquired from known, sustainable sources increased to 99 percent in 2016.
Looking ahead, Hallmark continues to search for new ways to use recycled and environmentally responsible materials in its products, without sacrificing the quality for which the company is known.

View Hallmark’s most recent Social Responsibility Report for the latest stories and statistics about the company and its progress on its sustainability efforts, with highlighted examples below.

Energy Efficiency

Improving Environmental Practices of Suppliers – Hallmark has worked with its suppliers to adhere to government regulations and sound production practices keeping the environment in mind. One supplier reduced its electric consumption in 2016 by 50 percent.


Waste Reduction

Recycling Crayola Markers Through ColorCycle – Finding new life for old markers, Crayola repurposed more than 51,000 pounds of markers in 2016, which were converted into energy and a compound used in asphalt.


Forest Stewardship

Sourcing Paper Responsibly – As the leading greeting card and gift wrap company, up to 80 percent of the material Hallmark buys is paper, with 99 percent of it coming from known, sustainable sources. We seek sources of paper that balance quality, cost and sustainability goals as set forth in our paper sourcing policy.