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How to Apply for Volunteer Assistance

Organizations in cities where Hallmark operates facilities may request assistance in recruiting Hallmark employees for board membership, program services and other meaningful volunteer experiences. We cannot guarantee that Hallmark employees will agree to volunteer; volunteering is an individual, personal decision made by each employee.

Requests for volunteer assistance from Hallmark employees should be a few short promotional paragraphs that include a volunteer job description with the organization’s mission, tasks, time expectations, skills needed, and a description of the specific program associated with the volunteer activity (if applicable). Please be sure to use the recommended format to expedite the process of advertising the volunteer opportunity on Hallmark’s internal volunteer website.

We consider the following when deciding which volunteer opportunities to promote to our employees:

  • The skills and interests of our employees.
  • Our ability to promote the opportunity in a timely and effective manner.
  •  Capacity of the organization to effectively utilize volunteers.
  • What time of day and week volunteers are needed. Most Hallmark employees are available after work hours and on evenings and weekends.
  •  The number of volunteers being requested.
  • How meaningful the volunteer experience will be.
  • We will promote opportunities to plan and conduct fundraising activities, but will not recruit volunteers to actually participate in such activities.

To apply in Kansas City or to request additional information, contact:

Volunteer Program Manager, Mail Drop 288
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
P.O. Box 419580
Kansas City, MO 64141-6580

In other cities with Hallmark operating facilities, requests for volunteer assistance should be directed to the Community Involvement Committee at that facility.