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Even before corporate sustainability was trending, Hallmark was already taking steps to care for our planet. Since launching our paper recycling program in 1943, we have continued our efforts to support a healthy planet by using resources responsibly.

The company continues to make progress toward its 2020 sustainability goals. In 2019, we met or exceeded our goal of sourcing paper sustainably, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and copy paper use. We are continuing to make progress year-over-year in reducing our water consumption and reducing our waste to landfill.

“Our corporate sustainability strategy continues to evolve as we adjust our focus to areas where our company can make the greatest impact,” said Kristin Edie, Hallmark’s product integrity director. “Looking ahead, we will be emphasizing how we can make a difference in three key areas: care for our forests, care for product sustainability and care for climate.”

Hallmark is on a path to preserve the valuable resources on our planet by utilizing certified and recycled paper fibers in its products; increasing recycled content and recyclability of products and packaging; tracking our greenhouse gas emissions; and implementing renewable energy initiatives.

Download Our 2019 CSR Our Planet Facts + Figures

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