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Hallmark Reduces Environmental Impact by Creating New Sustainable Displays   

In a collaborative effort between Hallmark’s headquarters and our fixture plants in Metamora, Illinois, and Center, Texas, Hallmark created two sustainable display options for a large retail partner. One is a 4×4 freestanding display that can hold cards, gift wrap and other items and is placed in high-traffic areas of the store. The other sustainable display can be used at the front of the store to display greeting cards and other Hallmark products. 

Previously, these two displays were made of corrugate for each holiday or season – such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, Christmas – that were shipped six times a year. The new displays can last three to five years and be altered in-store for the different holidays or seasons. The displays provide annual savings by reducing the amount of material discarded and reducing the overall environmental impact. 

Total savings in 2020 include: 

  • More than 550 tons of discarded material 
  • 300+ metric tons of CO2 emissions 
  • Up to 8,500 trees

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