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New Hallmark In-Store Signage Saves 4+ Million Gallons of Water, 2+ Million Kilowatts of Electricity   

In 2020, Hallmark’s Visual Merchandising (VM) team began using 100% postconsumer waste materials on in-store display signs. This move has led to a reduction in Hallmark’s environmental impact. Previously, in-store signage was printed on paper stock that was made from virgin wood chips.  

“As sustainability remains a top priority at Hallmark, our teams continue to find ways to create sustainable solutions that care for our planet,” said Kristin Edie, Hallmark sustainability director. “The postconsumer waste materials are not only sustainable and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, they also save us money, which is an added benefit.”  

The environmental impact of switching to post-consumer waste materials led to savings in the following areas:

  • 4,137,000 gallons of waterenough to supply 48 average American homes for a year
  • 1,950 cubic yards of landfill space 
  • 74,466 gallons of oil
  • 2,364,000 kilowatt-hours of electricityenough to supply 214 average American homes for a year 

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