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Hallmark Canada Partnership Turns Greeting Cards into New Paper Products   

In 2020, Hallmark Canada partnered with Hanna Paper, the largest highgrade paper recycling company in North America, to recycle non-sellable greeting cards. The cards were pulped down to individual paper fibers which were then used to make new products such as printer paper, card stock, tissue paper, paper towels and more. As a result of this partnership, Hanna Paper awarded Hallmark Canada with the Certificate of Achievement in Corporate Social Responsibility. 

It brings us great pride to know we are helping to preserve our planet’s precious resources and creating new products for consumers,” said Sheila Godin, Hallmark Canada’s senior director of retail operations and logistics“Thank you to Hanna Paper for its partnership and for the recognition of the work we have done together.” 

Since the relationship started in 2019, Hallmark Canada has diverted nearly 124,000 pounds of waste away from landfills. 

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