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Protecting Those Who Are Most Vulnerable 

In an effort to protect against forced and child labor, Hallmark implemented a Conflict Minerals Policy in 2020. Known conflict minerals include gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin. These minerals are more likely than others to be mined using unacceptable labor practices.  

“It’s important for Hallmark to set policies that protect the most vulnerable in the nations where these minerals are mined,” said Kristin Edie, Hallmark’s product integrity & sustainability director. “In some cases, armed groups will mine and sell these minerals and use the profits to fund further conflicts or human rights abuses in these nations, endangering the lives of children and their families.” 

Hallmark’s new policy requires all of our suppliers utilizing these four materials to notify us that it is contained in the product and provide evidence that the material is from a conflict-free source. This builds on Hallmark’s Supplier Code of Conduct which is critical to our business and sets the expectation that our suppliers adopt strong ethical standards, respect the rights of the individuals they employ and demonstrate stewardship of the environment.

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