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Jennifer Livingston

retail product development manager

“It’s exciting to help an artist express their ideas in 3D form-starting with an illustration and turning it into a functional piece. I love the whole process of collaborating, pulling together the mood and the story, all the way to the execution of the product.”

As the only “creative in a family of 8, Jennifer’s parents didn’t follow a rulebook to help develop her talents and express her creativity. Instead they gave her permission to make up her own rules. “I vividly remember when my mom taught me to sew. She showed me the basic mechanics, and that was it. I used her scraps of fabric and made a pair of drawstring shorts every morning that summer. No pattern, just eye-balled the size and went to town.” This ability to design feely allowed her love for creation and problem solving to thrive.

As a Product Development Manager, Jennifer uses her passion for creative problem-solving to develop a cohesive line of unique, quality gifts. She might start her workday on a conference call with business partners 13 hours away and end it by rolling up her sleeves to make a paper mache bunny. For her, the thrill is in bringing ideas to life.