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Geoff Greenleaf

senior artist

Before Geoff Greenleaf begins ones of his trademark woodcut-style illustrations, he does some research. After that he does a little research, and then some more research. Then he sketches, does more research, draws and paints. That’s quite a process for an artist who didn’t study art formally until college. And he hasn’t stopped since, earning both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration, followed up with a busy 29 years at Hallmark creating primarily seasonal cards.

Talking with Geoff, it’s easy to see how he reached his dreams. He grew up in an “idyllic setting,” a small town in Massachusetts, with parents who encouraged their children to find their own path. In fact, his mom always believed he could become an artist. It looks like Mom was absolutely right. Geoff says, “I think all my positive influences and memories naturally color the images I make for Hallmark.”