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Amanda Raymundo

studio art director

This girl was the strange student who would draw on herself (hand, arm, legs) during class with blue Bic pens and Sharpies. There would be doodles all over the brown paper-covered books and class notes. Her penmanship was pretty good and her fondness for all things letter-related grew. Her dreams of going to art school were realized thanks to her supportive parents and family-they knew she was different in a good way.

During her years at Otis College of Art and Design, Amanda learned how to hone her skills and become even better at drawing on herself and also designing, which she loves doing almost as much as ice cream or Sharpies. After graduating, she applied for lots of jobs. Hallmark was the offer that she knew she couldn’t refuse. She didn’t think twice about moving halfway across the country, far away from her family and friends, to a place where she knew no one. She knew it was exactly what she was meant to do. It was an adventure. It still is. Some days are filled with making patterns or creating hand lettering. Some days are all about meetings and brainstorming. Every day at the “card factory” is filled with creative, amazing people, and she is proud and blessed to be among them.