Greeting cards offer a cultural snapshot of world events, slang, social norms and design styles that reflect what Americans have experienced over the past century. Check out the Hallmark slideshows below for examples.

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1910s Formal in Sleigh

Many Faces of Santa

1910s — Santa was a formal fellow, driving his reindeer-drawn sleigh in a very traditional way in Hallmark's early years.

1920s Santa hand-painted

Many Faces of Santa

1920s — His red suit and green belt were hand-colored by Hallmark colorists in the days before affordable color printing.

1920s Santa shhh

Many Faces of Santa

1920s — Santa cautions quiet and promises "somepin'" up his sleeve.

1930s Santa rooftop sleigh

Many Faces of Santa

1930s — Up on the rooftop Santa and his reindeer are ready to descend the chimney.

1930s Santa's back

Many Faces of Santa

1930s — He's baaaaack...

1940s Santa Vivian Smith

Many Faces of Santa

1940s — Longtime Hallmark artist Vivian Smith brought her distinctive, detailed style to the jolly old elf.

1940s Santa in a plane

Many Faces of Santa

1940s — Who needs reindeer when air travel is available?

1950s Santa in wreath

Many Faces of Santa

1950s — Santa's at the center of it all in this jingle bell wreath design.

1950s Santa chipmunks

Many Faces of Santa

1950s — Baby Boomers were young and Hallmark created fun, child-friendly designs for them.

1950s Rockwell Santa

Many Faces of Santa

1950s — Norman Rockwell, one of the best-known and best-loved artists in midcentury America, lent his talent to Hallmark's interpretation of Santa.

1960s Santa with reindeer

Many Faces of Santa

1960s — Traditional styles give way to more graphic interpretations in this decade.

1960s Santa on rooftop

Many Faces of Santa

1960s — Another Christmas Eve, another trip down the chimney...

1960s Santa tall hat stripes

Many Faces of Santa

1960s — Santa's groovy style takes on stripes.

1960s Santa tipsy

Many Faces of Santa

1960s — Santa raises a glass and looks a bit tipsy on this fuzzy card.

1960s Santa minimalist

Many Faces of Santa

1960s — Santa takes on a minimalist look with a bird in his beard.

1970s Santa black light

Many Faces of Santa

1970s — Santa succumbs to black-light mania.

1970s Santa triangular

Many Faces of Santa

1970s — Red and green colors are the only traditional things about this Santa image.

1970s Santa golfing

Many Faces of Santa

1970s — Santa stuffs the golf bag, not the stocking.

1980s Santa & child

Many Faces of Santa

1980s — More traditional stylings of Santa Claus return.

1980s Santa return to tradition

Many Faces of Santa

1980s — Another traditional view of the jolly old elf.

1980s Santa Shoebox

Many Faces of Santa

1980s — When the Shoebox line appears in this decade, Santa uses the "me and the old bag" line one too many times.

1980s Santa graphic

Many Faces of Santa

1980s — Bright primary colors and a graphic style mark this holiday card.

1990s Santa line art

Many Faces of Santa

1990s — Santa's smartly styled in this graphic interpretation.

2000s Santa coal

Many Faces of Santa

2000s — "Sure hope you enjoyed a year of naughtiness," read the caption for a picture of a lump of coal on the inside of this card.

2010s Santa hoops&yoyo

Many Faces of Santa

2010s — hoops&yoyo deliver the gifts and the fun in a webcam greeting that comes to life using augmented reality, a sure sign it's not the 20th Century any more.

2010s Santa 3D

Many Faces of Santa

2010s — Open this card and Santa becomes a 3-D pop-up to make the holidays merry.

2010s Santa on Facebook

Many Faces of Santa

2010s — Who's got the most Facebook friends? It's a pretty sure bet Santa's at the top of the list!

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Fun Fact

Keepsake Ornaments debuted in 1973. Since then, Hallmark has introduced more than 8,000 Keepsake Ornaments to adorn Christmas trees and delight fans.