Hallmark International

Hallmark's vision of creating a more emotionally connected world requires that the company's business reach around the globe. Through a combination of international subsidiaries, licensees and distributors, Hallmark meets the needs of people in more than 30 languages and 100 countries.


Hallmark store in Leeds, EnglandEstablished:

  • 1966, as a division of Hallmark Cards, Inc.


  • About 2,000 full-time employees around the world.
  • Fewer than 30 work at Hallmark's Kansas City headquarters.


  • Predominantly greeting cards and gift wrap.


  • More than 100 countries.

International Subsidiaries

Chinese New Year card display

Asia Pacific


Continental Europe

United Kingdom


Fun Fact

In 1915, Hall Brothers purchased engraving presses to begin printing and publishing greeting cards, becoming a manufacturer for the first time.