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Metamora Fixture Operations

Important information about issues of interest to Hallmark employees and their families.


501 E. Madison
Metamora, IL 61548


(309) 367-4103

Emergency numbers:

To summon medical help or to report a fire or other emergency, employees at Metamora should contact:

  • Fire/police/ambulance 9+911
  • In-house security: 133

Emergency updates

Employees should call the 1-888-85CROWN (1-888-852-7696) emergency phone number to hear messages or updates about situations, such as a building closed due to a fire or severe weather. Do not call the number to report an emergency situation or to request help.


  • Hallmark purchased the Metamora Woodworking Company in 1947.
  • The facility is 314,000 square feet. Metamora Fixture Operations is one of two U.S. fixture production plants supporting Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • The plant processes orders and manufactures Hallmark’s product display concepts found in retail stores.
  • Metamora is the primary distribution center for Hallmark display fixtures.