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Liberty Distribution Center

Important information about issues of interest to Hallmark employees and their families.


2101 N. Lightburne Street
Liberty, MO 64068


(816) 792-7316

Emergency numbers:

To summon medical help or to report a fire or other emergency, employees at Liberty should contact 816-792-7316.

Emergency updates

Employees should call the 1-888-85CROWN (1-888-852-7696) emergency phone number to hear messages or updates about situations, such as a building closed due to a fire or severe weather. Do not call the number to report an emergency situation or to request help.


  • The Liberty Distribution Center opened in 1972.
  • The facility is 1.7 million square feet.
  • It is the U.S. distribution hub serving Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • The facility fills and ships orders for Hallmark retail customers throughout all regions of the United States. The facility also serves about 100 countries internationally.
  • About 96 percent of all Hallmark products – from greeting cards to gifts to party products – ship out of Liberty, Missouri, to stores across the country.