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  • Christmas is the largest card-sending holiday in the United States with approximately 1.4 billion cards sent annually.
  • Hallmark provides more than 2,700 Hallmark Christmas card designs, including more than 1,500 individual Christmas cards, more than 250 boxed-card selections, more than 75 Mahogany Christmas cards for African-American consumers, and more than 200 Hallmark Sinceramente cards for Hispanic consumers.
  • According to Hallmark research, nearly three-fourths of consumers who send holiday cards do so because they know how good it feels when they receive a holiday greeting.
  • Hallmark made its first Christmas cards in 1915, five years after the founding of the company.

2014 Hallmark Christmas Card News

The widest variety of new Holiday greeting cards can be found at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores. More than 1,500 designs include:

  • Family Collections – Show how much family means to you this holiday season with:
    • Mom and Dad – Inspired by the rich greens and frosty silver found in nature, these heartfelt cards for parents include lush use of flitters and foils and warm, family-themed messages. 
    • Son or Daughter – These fresh, festive cards for sons and daughters pair creative, crafty, and fun designs with simple, clever copy that's appropriate for all kinds of families and relationships. 
    • Endearments – A touch of frost gives the season's traditional hues a hushed, handcrafted look, while fresh, contemporary messages deliver warm words of love that are appropriate for all types of romantic relationships. 
  • Truly Thankful – Holidays are the best time to say "thanks" to the people who make life brighter all year long. These upbeat, uplifting cards deliver casual messages of appreciation.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker Collection – In partnership with one of the world's most well-loved fashion icons, this rich, feminine and fabulous collection of warm and festive, holiday greeting cards is available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Featuring unique patterns, illustrations and photography combined with rich lettering, warm yet simple messages and just the right amount of sparkle and shine, this collection is perfect for fashion-forward friends or family members and is sure to add a little extra glamour and style to the holidays.
  • Hallmark Signature Collection – From commemorating special events like Baby's First Christmas or a new home, to remembering special people, like friends and family, the Signature Collection offers unique, show-stopping greeting cards that sparkle, shine, and truly stand out. Including handmade, removable attachments, displayable sentiments and more, Signature Collection is sure to impress everyone on your list this Christmas.
  • Northpole Greetings – Northpole Greetings bring the fun, inventiveness, and whimsy of the real North Pole to "southern" senders and recipients everywhere! From playful pops and interactive games to fuzzy characters and sparkly photos, this broad collection offers a sleigh-full of ways to connect through a fresh experience of the Christmas legend.
  • Boxed Holiday Cards – More than 250 boxed-card designs are available this year and cover a range of styles including Traditional, Faith-based, Elegant and Fun. Thomas Kinkade, Photo Holders and Regional Imagery cards are also available. At Hallmark Gold Crown stores, there is sure to be something for everyone. Boxed Holiday Card offerings include:
    • Artist Tin Collections – Each of the 18 sets highlights the unique work of a Hallmark deisgner or writer. The special collections offer card choices including traditional, elegant and faith. 
    • Boxed Card Ensembles – These 40-count ensemble packs offer variety and value with two unique card designs and accompanying envelopes and seals. In addition, all of the cards are made in the United States.
    • Sarah Jessica Parker Collection – Warm, festive and stylish, Sarah Jessica Parker cards deliver a novel take on seasonal themes, paired with messages that are just right for the people that matter most. offers Personalized Photo Card choices

  • Christmas card-sending is a snap on Consumers simply customize their cards with photo and words, upload their address books, and will address, stamp and mail the cards for them. The service is free; consumers only pay for the postage. 
  • The Personalized Card selection on offers a selection of more than 260 unique holiday greeting cards that can be customized with personal photos and messages. The personalized cards help senders express creativity with messages of warmth and meaning that connect loved ones both close to home and afar and provides the opportunity to create customized messages to fit any kind of relationship or celebration.
  • There are also 25 boxed card collections available.
  • New for Christmas 2014 are laser cut-out cards. This special card treatment provides the elegance of a beautifully cut design accompanied by personalized photos. 
  • Multiple card designs on are sure to stand out and go from the mailbox straight to the mantel. Displayable formats like trifolds that allow personal storytelling with multiple photos and captions on the front and back as well as cards designed as personalized ornaments and with magnetic paper stock are treasured and keepsakeable. 
  • Other cards include premium formats like metallic, foil-embossed and ultra-premium paper and are sure to be noticed and make a lasting impression on the recipient.
  • A wide range of sentiments are available on including faith-inspired cards that cover a variety of spiritual needs with designs and messages ranging from simple blessings to more devout expressions and symbols of faith.
  • also offers a range of multiculturally-relevant cards for Hispanic and African-American consumers.
  • Personalized paper cards have several unique options:
    • Consumers can shop for their holiday cards by their preferred design style – Classic, Elegant, Fun & Playful, Homespun, Modern, and Vintage. 
    • A selection of cards will offer consumers the ability to select up to four different color options for the same design. 
    • Photo newsletters allow families to tell the stories of their year with multiple photos. 
    • is partnering with UNICEF to offer card and photo card designs in 2014. Hallmark pays a portion of the net wholesale sales of the cards to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. 
  • eCards are also available for Christmas on including new eCards that feature perennial favorites Thomas Kinkade and Peanuts® as well as fresh stylings and animation techniques.

Hallmark has a Christmas card to suit most every need

  • Christmas card prices from Hallmark begin at just 99 cents.
  • Gift-card holders continue to remain a popular and creative way to give a gift-card. Many Hallmark gift-card holder greeting cards feature hot properties and innovative, fun formats.
  • More than 250 boxed-card designs cover a range of styles including traditional, faith-based, elegant and fun.
  • Hot licensed properties such as Thomas Kinkade, Peanuts® and Disney's "Frozen" are featured in this year's individual card line and on personalized cards at Boxed cards also feature Thomas Kinkade and Precious Moments designs, as well as the Peanuts® gang. 
  • Hallmark offers a card for just about every sending need, from active military personnel to the doctor, postal carrier, school bus driver or hairdresser. Hallmark Gold Crown® stores provide the largest selection of "niche-caption" cards with nearly 100 niche cards this season.

Hallmark meets the needs of ethnic consumers

  • Mahogany offers 75 individual Christmas cards that resonate with the African-American consumer. A variety of traditional, religious and humorous designs – including money holders and Cards with Sound – are available. These cards capture the warmth of the holiday season and help people to share good and warm wishes with family, friends, and colleagues. Mahogany also offers 12 boxed card designs. 
  • Hallmark Sinceramente offers 11 boxed card designs and more than 200 individual Christmas cards that express the warmth of Latino traditions and the closeness of family and friends. Popular captions include Dear Family, Three Kings Day, and money holders. Cards include Spanish editorial with English translations on back. 
  • personalized product allows consumers to personalize their cards in any western language. Hallmark is one of the only companies that are able to print diacritical marks such as the tilde for Spanish language cards.

Hallmark cards do their part during the season of giving

Hallmark's partnership with UNICEF continues this year with five individual and 24 boxed card designs available in stores and several designs available on, all made in the U.S.A. Fifteen percent of the net wholesale shipment goes to UNICEF. Since Hallmark's partnership with UNICEF began in 2006, more than $18 million has been received by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

Holiday History

Englishman Henry Cole conceived the idea of Christmas cards in 1843. Too busy to write a personal holiday greeting, Cole hired well-known London artist, John Calcott Horsley, to design a card he could send to all his acquaintances.

Louis Prang, a German immigrant, is credited with bringing the idea of Christmas cards to America. In 1875 he printed a card that showed Killarney roses and the words "Merry Christmas."

In Stores

Available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and other participating Hallmark retailers. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Fun Fact

The first Hallmark Hall of Fame production, Amahl and the Night Visitors, aired in 1951 and was the first original opera created for television.