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  • Recordable Storybooks from Hallmark feature exclusive voice-capture technology that enables a person to record each page of a book and have it played back over and over as the recipient turns the pages.
  • The recording will not be lost, even when the batteries need to be replaced.
  • Hallmark introduced Recordable Storybooks in September 2009. Consumer response to the initial offering was so strong that they virtually sold out.
  • In 2011, Hallmark introduced Recordable Storybooks featuring Disney characters and its first Spanish-language Recordable Storybook called Cuenta Conmingo (Count on Me).

Product Features

  • Hallmark currently has 19 everyday Recordable Storybook titles available featuring both Hallmark original stories and literary favorites, plus a selection of titles available for the Christmas season.
  • Hallmark Recordable Storybook titles include:
    • Classic Literary Favorites: The Little Engine That Could, Love You Forever, Goodnight Moon, Curious You on Your Way, Guess How Much I Love You, and On the Night You Were Born.
    • Disney Character Stories: Winnie the Pooh's Plan Bee, and The Wish My Heart Makes for You starring Cinderella. All of the Disney titles also feature music.
    • Hallmark Originals: Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You, You Fill the World with Wonder designed for a new baby, You're a Hero! All the Ways You Save the Day featuring favorite Marvel superheroes and music, You Are My Sunshine, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: A Bedtime Prayer, There's No Place Like Home And There's No One Like You, For Your Birthday The Most Special Day of All, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, That's What Grandmas Do!, Under the Same Moon, All the Ways I Love You, and My Little Princess.
  • Additional titles will arrive in stores throughout the year.
  • Consumers have found many creative ways to use Recordable Storybooks, including:
    • Parents stationed overseas in the military have recorded books for their children waiting for them at home.
    • Grandparents and other family members who live far away have recorded the books for the children they love as a way to be with them even when they can’t be physically present.
    • Family members took turns recording each page of a book for a loved one in a nursing home.
    • Adoptive parents have recorded a storybook for the child they were waiting to adopt in another country so the child would recognize their voices.
    • An entire family recorded a storybook for an adult child who lived overseas and couldn’t be with them for the holidays.


In Stores & Online

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks are available online at, at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide, and in select other locations where Hallmark products are sold. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.

Fun Fact

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur J.C. Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 with little more than two shoeboxes full of postcards. Read more about J.C. Hall.