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  • Hallmark introduced Cards With Sound in January 2006.
  • Hallmark holds the licensing rights to hundreds of songs, movies, TV shows and commercials.
  • Hallmark’s popular recordable technology was added to greeting cards in 2008.
  • Hallmark is excited to introduce three new innovative greeting card formats in 2012 -- Countdown Cards, Voice Changer Cards and Snow Globe Cards.

Product Features

Hallmark continues to push the envelope when it comes to creating innovative card lines. From cards that make you want to sing along, to cards that take advantage of augmented reality technology, to cards with stamps, Hallmark features a range of innovative cards to meet a variety of consumer needs:

  • Hallmark Signature CollectionHallmark introduces a new offering of handcrafted everyday greeting cards called Hallmark Signature Collection. Each card is designed with beautiful papers, rich textures, and just the right embellishments.
  • Cards With Sound – Introduced in 2006, these cards feature clips of original songs by the original artists, dialogue and theme songs from popular movies and TV shows, and rerecorded versions of memorable tunes. Each audio clip plays up to 15 seconds when the card is opened, and stops when the card is closed
  • Recordable Cards – Recordable cards enable the sender to record a 10 to 30-second message that plays when the card is opened. Some of the cards also include a song clip that plays after the recorded message. These cards were introduced during the Mother’s Day season in 2008.  For Holiday 2012, children can record their wish lists directly into a card to let Santa know what they'd like to receive for Christmas. Fun for all ages, the Recordable Wish List card is especially perfect for little ones who aren't yet able to write a wish list for Santa. It’s also a great keepsake for family members to capture a child's voice and personality at that moment in time.
  • Lenticular Cards – A 2008 innovation, these cards feature lenticular technology that “plays” a two-second, animated scene when tipped from side to side, or creates a 3-dimensional picture with amazingly realistic depth. Some of these cards include sound clips, and a larger, 8-by-8-inch lenticular is also available.
  • Motion + Sound Cards – Talk about the best of both worlds! Motion & Sound cards playfully move, groove, swivel, and shake while playing music.  In time with the music, tiny motors animate illustrated elements on the card, bringing the whole concept to life.
  • Vertical Spin Sound Cards – A subset of Motion + Sound greetings, these cards feature an attachment on the cover that whimsically spins to music when the card is opened. A variety of processes add fun and impact to these concepts.
  • 3D Motion + Sound Cards - Introducing the next generation of motorized, musical  greetings! Choreographed moving parts come up and off the card in time with the music, to create dimension and anticipation of the delightful surprise inside.
  • Reveal Cards - How do you make receiving a card even more fun? By not just printing a card’s message, but revealing it! In this innovative card line, messages are revealed in light, behind flip down panels, and more.
  • Rub Reveal Cards – These magical cards utilize thermochromic ink, which disappears when you warm it up by rubbing the treated area with your finger, or by breathing on it. This updated version of “scratch-off technology” allows the recipient to see the message hidden beneath the ink. 
  • Countdown Cards – New for Holiday 2012!  With the help of Mickey Mouse or one of Santa's friendly elves, these cards double as a holiday greeting and a functioning countdown clock. Display the card and watch the days and hours tick away, bringing you closer to the excitement of Christmas Day.
  • Voice Changer Cards – New for Holiday 2012!  Through “record & voice change technology,” the recipient of this card not only gets a festive holiday message, but can also have hours of fun hearing their voice altered to sound like a silly elf.  It’s fun for recipients of all ages!
  • Snow Globe Cards – New for Holiday 2012!  This card brings the whimsy and fun of a typical snow globe to paper greetings.  Simply push a button on the card’s cover, and  the snow begins to swirl inside the globe, creating a wonderfully wintry scene!
  • Displayable Greetings – These beautiful cards fold out to reveal 3-dimensional designs, perfect for displaying throughout the year. Spectacular paper mechanics, pop-ups, and clever honeycomb “sculptures” are just some of the features paired with sound to create these celebratory, keepsakeable cards.
  • 360° Displayable Cards - Part card, part displayable works of art, these cards unfold a full 360 degrees, revealing a full scene in the round. From a bustling bakery to an underwater adventure, these cards are masterpieces of colorful designs and intricate details.  Recipients will have fun discovering something new every time one of these cards is opened!
  • Alternative Activation Cards – Consumers are invited to interact directly with these fun greetings to activate the sound, light, or motion combination featured on each card.  Every activation is unique and intuitive.  For example, consumers might be prompted to “flick a lighter,” “rub a genie’s lamp,” “pop a beer tab”, or “pull a string” to make the card come to life.  This innovation makes it even more fun for consumers to discover the hidden technologies in each card.
  • Magic Touch Cards – We’ve taken interactive cards to the next level with Magic Touch—cool cards with touch-activated response. From using your fingers to “play your own drum kit,” to “scratching a pup’s ear,” these cards are fun to give, fun to get and fun to play with over and over again.
  • Blow Switch Cards – This format breathes a little fresh air into traditional greeting cards—quite literally. When consumers blow gently onto a designated spot (e.g. blowing out a candle), a surprising display of light, motion, and/or sound is activated.
  • Push Button Motion with Sound Cards – Push-button activation of motion and sound with witty sayings and movies. 
  • Fiber Optics + Sound Cards –These cards really shine, thanks to tiny, high-impact lights scattered throughout the card! The lights, activated by the push of a button, flicker and dance to the rhythms of consumers’ favorite tunes. 
  • Pop Up Fiber Optics - Introducing a cool new combination of two of our most popular innovative formats—fiber optic light and pop-ups.
  • Extreme Pop-Up Cards - Bigger, bolder, taller and more detailed, Extreme Pop-Ups take a beloved format to the next level!  Each pop-up encompasses nearly all the interior space of the card, making them the ultimate version of paper mechanics, and an ideal surprise for people who love to give (and get!) pop-up cards.
  • Cards with Second Use Attachments – These cards include wearable or functional attachments that feature light or sound to liven things up!
    • Wearables – Weather your recipient prefers a sash, pin, tiara, party hat, or mask, each one of these unique cards comes with a removable, light-up wearable “extra” to make him or her feel like a star on their special day.
    • Techno Pin - Looking for a little more than a card on someone’s special day? Try Techno Pins! Besides unique designs and easy-to-send messages, each card  includes a wearable pin on the cover featuring lights and funny, clever or attention-grabbing phrases like “Real Good at Being Bad” or “Birthday Girl.” What a fun way to celebrate a special someone!
    • Techno Coaster – Another Cool Extra is the techno coaster, which not only celebrates the birthday star, it protects the table, too!  Recipients simply detach the musical coaster from its card, then place a cup, can or bottle on top, and groove to the tunes activated by the weight of the drink.  Of course, fun designs and easy-to-send birthday wishes are included on the coasters and cards at no extra charge! 
  • Honeycomb Cards – Charming tissue-paper shapes pop up and expand when these cards are opened, giving them more dimension and a festive, decorative quality.  Some include sound clips that tie into the overall greeting theme.
  • Dancing Lights Cards – Press a button and watch these cards come to life with lights, music and images all choreographed perfectly. It’s like your own little light show, just for you. 
  • Lip Sync Cards – Introducing a new innovation concept from Hallmark that incorporates consumers’ voices with sound and motion. Consumers can choose between a personalized recordable format – where the consumer’s message syncs up to a motorized character – and an entertaining voice-activated format, where the consumer’s voice triggers funny and surprising results! Lip Sync cards say it—and move it—your way!
  • Plexiglass Reveal Cards – Incorporated into the cover design of a Plexiglass Reveal card, consumers will find a colorful plexiglass shape that reveals lighted messages with the push of a button.  Fun sound effects and music enhance this magical technology.
  • Calendar Cards – These cards offer fun and easy personalization.  Consumers simply adjust the wheel inside each card to customize what appears on the cover.   Calendar cards make a recipient’s birth date, zodiac sign, and more the star of the card!
  • Laser and Light Cards – Cards featuring intricate, laser-cut designs are always stunning.  Now, imagine illuminating them with LED lights!  That’s exactly what Hallmark has done with our new Laser and Light Cards.  Gorgeous, detailed laser cutouts are backlit to create a beautiful effect and enhance the accompanying sentiments.
  • Paper Lanterns – Why not light up your recipient’s day with the soft glow of a Paper Lantern greeting? These unique cards slip into an envelope when collapsed, but easily pop open into a 4-sided lantern shape.  A built-in light illuminates the lantern as well as the accompanying message. 

Innovative Card Services by Hallmark

  • Hallmark Go Cards App – Greeting card sending just got a bit easier with the launch of Hallmark's new Go Cards app for the iPhone. Select, personalize and send a paper greeting card from an iPhone anytime, from anywhere.
  • Here are some of the ways people are able to create unique and personal connections through
    • Personlized Cards: These are cards the consumer can customize with their own messages, photos and sound clips. Each card has text included that can be left as is or altered completely. Hallmark even provides message ideas to get the ball rolling. Once the card is personalized, Hallmark professionally prints the card and can even stamp and send it to the recipient.
    • Photo Cards: These print-on-demand cards have a space for you to upload favorite photos right into the card, making it perfectly personalized. Introduced in 2007, consumers upload their photos from their computers or online photo-sharing site and place them on the professionally-designed Hallmark greeting card of their choice. The cards can be personalized with the sender’s own message or a variety of Hallmark-recommended messages.

In Stores

A selection of innovative cards are available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and wherever Hallmark cards are sold. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Fun Fact

Hallmark first introduced a line of paper party products in 1960 offering invitations, plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces, and even groovy matching paper dresses.