Under the Tree: Top Christmas Gifts For Kids

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After the countdown and the days of anticipation are finally over, there's nothing like that moment when kids first see what's under the tree. For the believers, the imaginative players, the story time lovers, grandkids far away and everyone else in between, Hallmark Gold Crown® stores have everything you need. These top gifts for kids will make the trip to the tree on Christmas morning a treasured memory with lots of surprises and fun for all.

Tinker's Tremendous Treeluminator Storybook – When Northpole's cleverest elf-inventor tinkers, there's no telling what fun he'll create! Santa needs to bring all the city's elves together so Tinker delivers his most brilliant invention ever. New sound technology brings this story to life when illustrations are touched leading to an interactive and engaging story time.

Penny Paperheart Mini Play Sets – Kids will find a new favorite friend to play with in Penny Paperheart. With her little paper hearts of kindness and play accessories, Penny Paperheart inspires imaginative play and instills the power of goodwill. Each of these Mini Play Sets includes Penny and a friend, a story card, paper outfit and accessories and hearts of kindness. Sets include a Dress Shop, Pet Store, Play Date and Holiday Toy Shop.
$17.95 each

Connect & Play Puzzles – Kids will love creating adventures in the new Our Town puzzle world. After putting each 36-piece puzzle together, the puzzles can all be connected. Kids can take the accompanying play pieces and visit the zoo, work at a construction site, harvest crops, rescue people, go to school or shop.
$19.95 each

itty bittys® Collectors Sets – These adorable collectible characters, equally at home in play or on display, are the perfect "itty bitty" size to put a smile on every face. Adding to the increasingly popular lineup are collectors editions of characters from Star Wars™ and Disney Princesses.
$29.95 each

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® and Santa ColorQuest™ Books – In these fun new interactive book and character sets, children will love discovering what Rudolph or Santa is thinking as they go on their adventures. When the child places the character on a colored spot, the character magically chimes in to talk about what’s happening and add to the story. Designed to work together, Rudolph and Santa have special things to say in each ColorQuest book. In Rudolph and the Reindeer Games, Rudolph proves that being different isn’t a bad thing after all, and when the lights go out in Santa and the Workshop Lights, Santa and Rudolph work to save the day.
$29.95 each

You're the Star of the Story – Any child can be a superhero with the Batman® and Batgirl® You're the Star of the Story Book and Costume Bundles. Whether kids read the books together with mom or dad, or spend time in pretend play, these books and magic capes make reading and play a lot more fun. The interactive cape medallion responds with sound effects and music when highlighted phrases in the book are read or the catch phrases are said. In Batman® The Joker Is On the Air Batman tries to save Gotham City's airwaves which are under attack and in Batgirl® To Catch a Cat Burglar diamonds are missing in Gotham City, but Batgirl is hot on the trail of her prime suspect: Catwoman!
$39.95 each

Interactive Story Buddy® Bundles – Bring story time to life and let families escape on magical adventures together with Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy® characters. This Christmas kids will love playing with Abigail the Bunny Interactive Story Buddy®, a chatty acrobatic bunny who just can't wait to grow up, or with Pooh's pal Tigger the Interactive Story Buddy® who is a silly, bouncing ball of energy. But kids will get an even bigger kick when they hear the characters respond to key phrases from the included book and respond-along CD. And this Christmas, Hallmark is helping to "buy a buddy, give a buddy." Each time you buy an Interactive Story Buddy at a Hallmark Gold Crown store, Hallmark will donate a Story Buddy to Toys for Tots.
$34.95 for the set and $9.95 for each additional storybook

Recordable Storybooks – Tell them how much you love them, even when you're far apart. With Hallmark's Recordable Storybooks children can share meaningful moments with their loved ones by reading with them whenever or wherever they want. Hallmark Recordable Storybooks feature exclusive Voice Save technology, recording the reader's voice directly into the storybook. When a page is turned, the storybook automatically plays the text on that page in the readers' voice. Read along to the classic All The Ways I Love You as Big Bear and Little Bear show all the ways a child is loved and cared for or prepare for bed with comforting words and fun illustrations of animals in Good Night, My Little Sleepyhead.
$29.95 each

Be A Part of the Story – It's story time brought to life! When the highlighted lines in a Be A Part of the Story storybook are read aloud, the character chimes in with a special question or choice for a child to make. After the child answers, the character responds to the answer and the story continues. Choose Jake and the Amazing Race, featuring Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Cinderella and Her Special Guest in which Cinderella learns that a very important guest is visiting the palace tonight.
$29.95 each

Until We Hug Again Bear – Now your love is only a squeeze away, even if you are physically far apart. Record your voice for up to 30 seconds and a child will be able to hear your words every time this sweet bear is hugged.

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