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2013 Holiday Storybooks

  • Interactive Story Buddy® Characters – Bring story time to life with Hallmark's interactive Story Buddy® characters. Using Hallmark's I Reply® Technology, the plush Story Buddies chime in – barking, talking or singing – when key phrases are read aloud. Each Story Buddy character not only comes with a corresponding book, but also with a read-along audio CD and free access to digital storytime on
    • Jingle® the Husky Pup interactive Story Buddy® 2.0 and Jingle All the Way Storybook – Jingle the Husky Pup, Hallmark's first interactive Story Buddy, returns for the holiday season full of surprises! The playful pup is ready for more adventures this year in the new everyday storybook Jingle's Good Deed. Jingle and his friend Andrew try to help a little red bird find a new home.
    • Bell® the Husky Pup interactive Story Buddy® 2.0 and Bell's Big Move Storybook – Jingle's good friend Bell also has a new everyday storybook. In Bell's Blue Ribbon, find out if Bell wins the blue ribbon for prettiest pet in the annual Pineville Pet Show.
    • This year, there are even more reasons to love Jingle and Bell – Jingle 2.0 and Bell 2.0 now communicate with each other! 
    • New accessories trigger hidden technology already in Jingle 2.0 and Bell 2.0 for more interactive playtime fun.
      • Jingle and Bell's Sing-Along – Join Jingle, Bell, Andrew and Sofia as they treat their Pineville neighbors to some Christmas caroling. Press the button to hear one of six songs, and Jingle and Bell will "sing" along, either together or separately.
      • Jingle All the Way and Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star – Everyone's favorite little Husky pups are back with their very own Christmas specials. This DVD features both Hallmark holiday movies. As the DVD plays, the 2.0 Jingle and/or Bell will respond with barks, whimpers and maybe even a song or two!
      • Jingle and Bell Read & Play! Activity Books – With mazes, coloring pages, connect-the-dots and a great little story, each activity book gives kids another way to have fun with their favorite Story Buddy character. Your Story Buddy plush will respond when the highlighted phrases are read aloud. Includes fold-out sticker page.
      • Jingle and Bell Puzzles – Your favorite Story Buddy characters are now featured in an all-new format. This 36-piece jigsaw puzzle is just the right size for little hands and lots of fun! Complete the puzzle, then read the phrase to hear the corresponding Story buddy plush character respond.
      • Jingle and Bell's Dog Carrier – Now your child can bring their favorite husky pup and storybook along wherever they go! Comes with a plush dog bone.
      • Other Jingle and Bell products include an Interactive Countdown-to-Christmas Calendar, Interactive Snow Globe, XX-Large Plush and Plush Ornaments.
    • Cassidy™ interactive Story Buddy® – Cassidy™ is the newest interactive Story Buddy. Giddyup with this lovable pony as her big heart leads her on all sorts of adventures in The Rainy River Rescue, Cassidy and the Dapple Days Do-Over and Cassidy and the Shaky Sheep Showdown.
    • Winnie the Pooh interactive Story Buddy® – Disney's beloved Pooh Bear joins the Story Buddy line up in Pooh and the Smackerel of Cake and Pooh and the Sneezy Day. 
    • Current Hallmark interactive Story Buddy characters that are also available this holiday season with their own new books and accessories like backpacks, tea sets, purses, puzzles and Read & Play Activity Books are Posey™, Mason™ and Abigail™.
  • Recordable Storybooks – Hallmark's Recordable Storybook collection continues to bring the magic of holiday story time to life with Hallmark's Voice Save™ technology, as well as with new enhanced features for better preservation and lasting enjoyment including:
    • One-button technology for even easier recording and playback.
    • Advanced sound quality for better recording and playback of a loved one's voice.
    • High/low volume adjustment button for volume control.
    • Certain titles also come with a USB port, allowing consumers to upload their audio files in an easily accessible location.
    • This year's collection features four holiday titles including The Night Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®, At Christmas and Always, I Love You, and The Greatest Gift: A Story of the Nativity. Popular everyday titles also are available with the new technology including three new titles: God Loves You, And I Do Too!, Disney/Pixar Toy Story: You Can Count on Me, and You're My Favorite Guest from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Be a Part of the Story® Interactive Storybooks – Be a Part of the Story® features proprietary, I Reply® technology that allows kids to have a magical conversation with storybook characters and move the story forward. New this Christmas is Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight – there are so many kids on the "Nice List," Santa needs your child's help to deliver all the gifts on time. When you read this story aloud, Santa chimes in with a special question or choice for a child to make. The child's answer will trigger an appropriate response from Santa and help the big guy on his Christmas Eve trip around the world.
    • Additional Be a Part of the Story titles include Mickey's Treasure Hunt, Minnie's Surprise Bow-Nanza, Fancy Nancy, Batman and the Funhouse Jewelry Heist, and All Aboard!
  • Giggle Land™ This fun story-time activity incorporates a toy character and car combination with light and sound, as well as a fold-out activity board. As you read the story, you'll see special symbols that encourage your child to press the button on the top of the car to hear silly sounds. With the big activity board, your child can reveal hidden images with the headlights of the car as they roll it on the board. Look in the back of each book for hidden and non-hidden images to search for on the board.
    • Initial titles, Presley's Holiday Hoopla and Dazzle Finds Her Glow, come with a toy car with batteries and a fold-out activity board.
    • Additional storybooks, Presley's Island Adventure and Dazzle Makes a Splash, work with the character and car from their first books and come with their own unique fold-out activity board and new images to reveal and search for. Boards can be connected for an even larger play area.
  • You're the Star of the Story™ Interactive Storybook and Costumes – Your child becomes the star of the story with this new, innovative and interactive format. In story mode, when you read the story and say the highlighted phrases, Hallmark's proprietary I Reply® technology allows the medallion to play sound, including music, sound effects and secondary characters, bringing your child into the story and making them the star. When you switch the medallion to play mode, your child can pretend to be the star and say special playtime phrases included in the books that play additional music, sound effects, and secondary character responses.
    • Princess Harmony interactive costume and book bundle includes a cape with medallion, tiara and the first storybook. Princess discovers that she's able to talk to the forest animals and help them play beautiful music when she wears the magic cape given to her by Queen Nana. The adventures continue in the second additional storybook Princess Harmony and the Missing Instruments. Princess Harmony and her forest friends are shocked to discover their instruments missing. With the help of a little bird, the group has an adventure they'll never forget.
    • Cosmic Ray interactive costume and book bundle includes a cape with an interactive medallion, superhero mask and the first storybook. Raymond discovers an unusual device that he can use to transform himself into superhero Cosmic Ray to prevent the evil Dr. Krankey and the space aliens from taking over the world! In his second storybook Cosmic Ray and the Mechanical Menace, Dr. Krankey sends a giant robot to defeat Cosmic Ray and take back the alien device. Are Cosmic Ray's superpowers enough to defeat this mechanical menace?


Fun Fact

The first Hallmark Hall of Fame production, Amahl and the Night Visitors, aired in 1951 and was the first original opera created for television.