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  • Christmas is the largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with approximately 1.5 billion cards sent to friends and loved ones every year.
  • According to Hallmark research, consumers say they always participate in the following activities during the holiday season:
    • 98% Wrap presents
    • 90% Decorate inside their homes
    • 88% Decorate a Christmas tree
    • 85% Send Christmas cards, letters or photos
    • 83% Play Christmas music
    • 77% Attend a Christmas party, gathering or luncheon
  • Hallmark made its first Christmas cards in 1915, five years after the founding of the company.

2013 Product News

Christmas Cards

Hallmark provides more than 2,700 Hallmark Christmas card designs, including more than 1,500 individual Christmas cards, more than 265 boxed-card selections, more than 75 Mahogany Christmas cards for African-American consumers, and more than 200 Hallmark Sinceramente cards for Hispanic consumers. The widest variety of new Holiday greeting cards can be found at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.

  • Christmas card prices from Hallmark begin at just 99 cents. 
  • More than 250 boxed-card designs cover a range of styles including traditional, faith-based, elegant and fun. 
  • Hot licensed properties such as Thomas Kinkade, Peanuts® and Disney are featured in this year's individual card line. Boxed cards also feature Thomas Kinkade and Precious Moments designs, as well as the Peanuts® gang. 
  • Hallmark offers a card for just about every sending need, from active military personnel to the doctor, postal carrier, school bus driver or hairdresser. Hallmark Gold Crown stores provide the largest selection of "niche-caption" cards with nearly 100 niche cards this season. 
  • In addition, offers more than 175 unique designs that can be customized with photos and personal messages, including photo cards, Cards with Sound, invitations and thank-you notes.
  • also offers Christmas ecards, available with a subscription.

Visit the 2013 Christmas Cards fact sheet for an expanded list of products.

Christmas Gifts & Home Décor

For Christmas 2013, Hallmark introduces several products for the whole family that capture the wonder, excitement and fun of the holiday season and help create memories that last a lifetime. 

  • Watch the little ones' eyes light up with gifts from Hallmark that help build anticipation leading up to the holiday and those that bring surpise and delight all year long including the North Pole Communicator, Winnie the Pooh Interactive Story Buddy™ or Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight Be a Part of the Story™ book. 
  • Show love and appreciation this Christmas with fun, festive and thoughtful gifts from Hallmark including Holiday Blooming Expressions™, Merry Carolers Trio, or Family Tree frames.
  • This Christmas, technology combines with favorite characters and iconic holiday images to make decking your halls with Hallmark a treat. 
  • Hallmark has a variety of ways to help capture the moments and milestones that make the holidays special with unique memory-keeping products such as Holiday Magic Prints, Pics 'n' Props and items for Baby's First Christmas.

See the Home Décor Gift Guide, Family Fun Gift Guide, Memory-Keeping Gift Guide, Christmas Gifts for Moms, and Christmas Gifts for Kids for expanded lists of products.

Christmas Gift Wrap & Party

Hallmark has everything needed to help put the finishing touches on the holidays.

  • Hallmark holiday gift wrap is available in nine beautiful new collections this year.
  • Many roll wraps and gift bags include extra processes such as foil, glitter, and embossing. In addition, many bags have attachments such as ribbons and die-cut paper shapes. 
  • Hallmark provides a wide selection of elgant and fun accessories for the perfect finishing touch. Selection includes ribbons and bows made of sheer fabric, velvet, satin, twine, yarn and metallic materials, as well as specialty gift trims such as a glittery stars, plastic light bulbs, jingle bells, snowflakes and miniature knit mittens. 
  • More than 90 Holiday gift bags are available in small, medium, large, x-large, grand, jumbo and bottle bags with tags. 
  • Many products help consumers easily present popular gifts of homemade treats, wine and gift cards with bottle bags and decorated boxes. 
  • Hallmark provides everything needed for a festive holiday party including distinctive paper partyware patterns and unique invitations, and decorative accessories. 

See the 2013 Christmas Gift Wrap fact sheet for an expanded list of new products.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

More than 350 new and unique Hallmark Keepsake Ornament designs are available in 2013.

  • Hallmark offers Keepsake Ornaments that commemorate milestones and nurture memories. In 2013, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are celebrating a milestone of their own – a 40th Anniversary.
  • Keepsake Ornaments include ornaments for milestones such as a baby's first Christmas, a couple's first holiday together, and moving into a new home. Ornaments also recognize a variety of special interests and passions, such as cooking, camping, golf, grilling, and occupations such as teaching, healthcare and military service. Relationships are celebrated in many Keepsake Ornaments designed specifically for family and friends. 

See the 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments fact sheet for an expanded list of new products.

Holiday History

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated around the world commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. In the third century, efforts were made to find out the date of the Nativity, but only in the year 336 A.D. was the date of the Dec. 25 festival set in commemoration of Jesus’ birth. Pope Julius formally selected Dec. 25 as the day of Christmas in 349 A.D.

Roman Catholics, Lutherans, members of the Dutch Reformed and Anglican churches, and those of the German sects were most responsible for establishing Christmas traditions in America. Christmas customs spread with the westward expansion of the United States and by the late 1800s had become firmly entrenched in American society.

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Fun Fact

Hallmark first introduced a line of paper party products in 1960 offering invitations, plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces, and even groovy matching paper dresses.