Community Involvement at Hallmark

Hallmark VolunteersCaring about others is embedded in Hallmark’s culture. That’s evident in our products and clear in the many ways our company and employees care about their communities, through philanthropy as well as the time and talent of employee volunteers.

Financial donations from the Hallmark Corporate Foundation, funded from the company’s profits, support agencies and programs primarily in Kansas City and the cities and towns that are home to our facilities.

Product donations include cards, recordable storybooks and gifts to organizations serving the military, and a range of gift and other items worth millions of dollars in wholesale value annually to several large non-profit organizations that can sort, store and redistribute them to other non-profits. 

Employees’ volunteer service may be our most valuable demonstration of caring. In 2014, Hallmark employees gave nearly 49,000 hours of their time to community service.

Where possible we combine all three – financial grants, products and enthusiastic volunteers – in support of the needs of children and families, arts and culture, and human service infrastructure and civic assets in our hometown communities, as well as support of the military.  

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Fun Fact

The work of legendary artists and writers like Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Maya Angelou, Andrew Wyeth, Salvador Dali, and Norman Rockwell has appeared on Hallmark cards.